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What is the ClusterAware.NET ?

The ClusterAware.NET makes it easier for developer .NET to Manager Windows Failover Cluster Provider with a powerfull class library . It's developed in C# with .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0

ClusterAware Provider :

The base provider to all methods is WMI provider.  The Provider WMI  defines a set of WMI classes you can use to access cluster objects, properties, and events. The ClusterAware.NET translate all WMI objects to classes , properties and methods in .NET format.

What ClusterAware.NET can manage and do?
  •  Provides access to all Cluster objects  to read and update properties (when it’s possible) :
    • Group
    • Resource
    • Network
    • Network Interface
    • Node
    • Resource Type
  • Provides access a lot set of object management functions used to manage the object :
    • Create
    • Delete
    • Move
    • Find
    • Cluster functions

Get Started

List of features and their classification and for stability testing

The ClusterAware.Net implements all the methods available for managing the Cluster WMI provider. The scenarios and testing environment for a cluster is often complex and requires appropriate hardware. Some methods have not been tested by the UNITTEST project, it is not possible to ensure that it is with its expected functionality. Their contribution indicating what method untested are working properly will be very welcome, increasingly improving product stability.

Suggestions? Features? Questions?

 Add bugs or feature requests to the Issue Tracker. Help us shape the ClusterAware.Net with your feedback!

Questions about the classes, methods, enumerators and properties? visit the Site Help of ClusterAware or Download Help  to your machine.


Thank you for your interest
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