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ClusterAware Classes Diagrams

The project of ClustAware.Net has separate in 4 modules : 

  • Module ClusterAware

This module is commonly used to read , update the properties  and inspect cluster's objects.

The main class is ClusterManager that provides access to objects methods. For each properties of objects have a set the methods correspondents to actions of read , update and move when it's applied.

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  • Module ClusterAwareAdmim

This module is commonly used to administrate the cluster and your objects. One set of  management functions and features are available for each kind of cluster's object.

The main class is ClusterManagerAdmin that provides access to management methods. For each properties of class have a set management methods correspondents.

The main class inherits ClusterManager so that the developer has complete access to features.

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  • Module ClusterAwareProperties

This module provider access to all class of properties of all cluster's objects.

The access to class of properties are exposed starting from the properties of class ClusterManager that have methods to retrieves it.

This module also has the enumerators used on some properties enabling them to take it easy and simple to assign the default values.

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  • Module ClusterAwareWMI

This module provider access to wrapper class Cluster WMI provider. All Methods this class are internal to use of ClusterAware and not are directly exposed for use in code.

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